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About Us

EverMax® Honey

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EverMax® Honey works closely with honey farms and local beekeepers in Australia to source the finest quality honey. Our Manuka honey is rigorously tested and certified by approved laboratories to meet the standards set by AMHA AUTHENTIC, ensuring that its therapeutic properties and quality are maintained. For your convenience and hygiene, EverMax® Honey is packaged in small portions that can be easily carried with you anywhere, allowing you to supplement your nutrient intake at any time.

EverMax Honey offers you the finest quality, premium natural Australian manuka honey that is rich and golden in color, capturing the essence of pristine Australian landscapes. We are passionate about providing you with the highest quality honey that is sustainably sourced and ethically produced. 

Our Facility

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As a subsidiary of local manufacturer Flourish Pharmaceuticals Australia, EverMax® Honey takes advantage of an "all in one" production environment, including product development, testing, manufacturing and management, allowing us to be innovative and ground breaking in the dietary supplements field.

FPA manufacture tablets, capsules, liquids, powders, creams, as well as medical grade, food grade and skin care grade products, providing excellent support to the EverMax® Honey brand.

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About the EVERMAX group

EverMax is proud to be a contributor to the Australia health and complementary medicine industry for over 20 years. Our team is committed to the research and development of healthy and safe supplements to support the health and wellbeing of our community.

The EverMax product range is available globally, including in Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with more companies around the world joining the EverMax family every month.

EverMax Honey's curative honey comes from zero-pollution Australian green forests, pure natural without additives. EverMax Nutriceutical not only has close cooperation with local beekeeping farms in Australia, but also has AMHA (Australian Manuka Honey Association) certification, so the quality of our honey can be fully guaranteed.

Since modern people live in a fast-paced life, many things need to be made into a portable form, so that people can save time and do more necessary things. In addition, the number of people traveling around the world is constantly increasing. EverMax Honey's honey is mainly packaged in small sachet, which is more convenient to carry and more hygienic. So that everyone can supplement nutrients anytime, anywhere. Whether you encounter gastrointestinal problems or throat inflammation, you can eat a sachet of EverMax Honey to relieve your body's unexpected conditions in the most natural and harmless way.

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