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Ingredient: Each 1ml contains specially selected organic extracts equivalent to 5mg each of dry: Propolis extracts, Arctium lappa root, Arnica montana flower, Calendula officinalis flower, Echinacea purpurea whole plant, Galium aparine herb, Hamamelis virginiana leaf, Hydrastis canadensis root and rhizome, Hypericum perforatum harb, Ruta graveolens herb, Thuja occidentalis herb, Trifolium pratense flower and Urtica dioica leaf in a proprietary organic vegetarian base cream.


Size: 30ml


Benefits: wounds, eczema, burns, sunburns, bacteria, infections, dermatitis and housewife hands.


Direction: Apply to affected area as often as needed.


Warning: For topical use only. If symptoms persist, contact your healthcare practitioner.

Propolis Cream with Herbal Complex

SKU: BH-39112200003
  • EverMax® Honey Propolis Cream with Herbal Complex



    100% natural, modified from the Australian Food and Drug Administration registered formula, by adding high-purity propolis, improve anti-inflammatory and bactericidal function, effectively improve a variety of skin problems.


    Effective treatment of wounds, eczema, burns, sunburns, bacterial infections, dermatitis, housewife's hands, etc.

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